Technical Specifications

–––Technical Specification


Characteristic / Results

Thickness swelling test

EN 13329

 < 8% Swelling                         

Abrasion Test

EN 13329


Board Thickness

EN 13329


Board Density

EN 13329


Stain Resistance

EN 13329

Rating 5   (No visible change)

Cigarette Test

EN 13329

Degree 5  (No visible change)

Fade Resistance

EN 13329

Level 6 (No discoloration)

Fire Classification

EN 13501 – 1

Cft  s 1

Roller Castor Chair Resistance

EN 13329

No visible change

Simulated Pushing of furniture leg

EN 13329

No visible change

Impact Resistance

EN 13329Annexf

IC 1 , IC 2 and IC 3

Non-staining – Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty

Classic Flooring has a sealed surface, which ensures that dust and dirt simply can’t penetrate or cling on stubbornly. That’s why it’s hygienic, easy to maintain and kind

to people with allergy – all for the good of your health! Furthermore, cleaning detergents are practically a thing of the past as the floor cleans well with just plain water. That’s good news for the environment and good news for your shopping bill!

Non Wear-through – Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty

Classic Flooring has a wear-resistant layer on the surface specifically engineered to protect it from being easily-scratched, thus, making it a longer-lasting product, compared to other types of floor covering materials.

Non Fading – Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty

All of our design layers (the layer in the flooring surface that shows the wood pattern) are produced with imported raw material from Europe and US. They are produced under stringent quality control measures according to global industry standards, and therefore, discoloration or fading is a non-existent word when you have Classic Flooring installed.

Superior Water Resistant Core – Less than 8% Thickness Swelling rate

But just being tough is not enough. The core of Classic Flooring is made of hardwood fibers with very good water resistant properties. The result – a tough floor covering material which is very water resistant. So, when you are looking for the best in laminate flooring, choose Classic Flooring, because the advantage is clear.

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