Green Policy

Classic Flooring is made of raw materials from renewable resources. The hardwood fibers used in the core come from hardwood forests which are under strict forest management control or what we call ‘plantation’ forests. This eliminates the need to extract wood from natural forests, thus making Classic Flooring a natural product that is also environmentally friendly. The design layer is reproduced from real timber using sophisticated technology. Wood decors are reproduced from original timber, to give you that true-to-life wood look and feel without having to exploit our natural forests.

Classic Flooring ’ completely sealed surface does not allow the breeding of dust mites or micro-organisms, unlike other floor covering material such as carpet. This creates a healthier environment for our little ones. All these superb qualities make Classic Flooring he best options available today when it comes to selecting a floor covering material, whether it is for your home sweet home or for your business premise or office. In addition, Classic Flooring has also been recognized by the Singapore Environment Council as a Green Product or Eco-Friendly Productthat meets stringent environmental regulations, proving that a good quality product can also be environmental friendly at the same time. Classic Flooring – Peace of Mind. Allover.

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