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We pride ourselves on being able to make justice about any wood flooring product. We do small residential floors to big commercial jobs. We install floors for many top builders and designers. Our floors have been in many of the Sri Lanka homes & offices that have featured in "INSIDE OUTSIDE"

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Classic Flooring Our flooring designs make your dream home more and more elegant and stylish.

The following factors are vital in choosing the best laminated floor:

Where do the materials come from?

Materials from temperate countries are usually softwood that are prone to wear and tear as well as decay from termite attack.

What warranty is offered?

A manufacturer’s warranty such as that offered by Inovar Floor is the best as it assures lifetime performance.

What type of ink is used in printing the decorative film?

Low-quality ink results in fading due to UV rays. Inovar Floor uses only the best ink available in the market that is non-toxic.

Are there any do’s and don’ts as regards maintenance?

The more do’s and don’ts there are, the lower the quality of the laminate flooring. Inovar Floor laminate floorboards can be mopped daily and is practically maintenance-free.

Our Team

We push each other to be the best on behalf of our clients. We understand the great things that each individual on our team can accomplish, and we strive to sustain that greatness. We stand by each other in the best and worst of times. Our loyalty to one another and to our clients is reflected in the solutions we create and the strong relationships we build.



  • At Classic Flooring, in Negombo, we offer flooring designs suited for your every need since 2014. We have a variety of floor finishes for you to choose such as Hardwood flooring, Laminating Wood flooring, Vinyl flooring and Bamboo flooring.

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