Duragrid Interlocking Non Slip Tiles

The Duragrid is the industry leader in pool and locker room flooring. The Duragrid features a self-draining surface that keeps you dry in up to 1/2″ of water. Each tile is pliable, soft and easy on bare feet. And most importantly, Duragrid tiles are loaded with VINZYNE SB-1 anti-microbal to fight mold, mildew and bacteria. Non-porous, the Duragrid will not promote odor causing bacteria and will not stain. • Strong: Over 800 support legs per square foot; can support over 2400 pounds per square inch • Easy to clean: No nodules on top of our matting; makes cleaning simple. • Many uses: Bar and shelf liners, docks and walkways, dairies and kennels. Duragrid floors come in three styles: (L-R) Comfort, Cross Rib, Non-Slip • Comfort Style has no nodules on top of the matting. Easy to clean and easy on bare feet. • Cross Rib Style features a criss-cross pattern. No nodules on top. • Non-Slip features nodules on top for extra traction in slick areas. Duragrid comes with a 10 year warranty. Our patented inter-locking design keeps tiles firmly in place and makes installation a SNAP! No tools required. The interlocks are strong enough to stay connected even when rolling up the matting. Colors: Beige, Grey, Royal Blue, Brick Red, and Black. Tiles measure one square foot (12″ x 12″ x 1/2″)


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